A Tale of Two Parrots



I’m here in sunny Nice in France, and hubby and I decide to visit the Parc Phoenix-Nice which is absolutely superb. I actually thought it was just the Botanical Gardens of  Nice, but it houses small animals, reptiles and birds as well.


So we’re walking through one of the Palm houses when I notice a magnificent white parrot inside a cage enclosed by glass, which I find upsetting to say the least. I’m not fond of zoos at the best of times, but I can admit they have their place, and I can handle aviaries somewhat. But a parrot in a glass exhibition box! That’s too much for me.


“Why?” I keep asking hubby as we continue to walk around.


“But why?”


He eventually stops and looks at me and says,

“Et, you’re beginning to sound like the bloody parrot.”

Guess who’s not talking now!


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