The Fallen Angel and the broken computer

Song of the Angels by William Bouguereau, 1881.

Song of the Angels by William Bouguereau, 1881. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My desk top computer has had a fatal attack. It wasn’t totally unexpected as it’s been causing problems for a while. But today it suddenly began to burn somewhere inside and you wouldn’t believe the smoke. Hubby being the computer expert here only managed to rescue some of my files, but not before he told me that it was a hard lesson for me and that he had been telling me to back up my files for ages and that I was asking too much of the computer, and he says towards the end of the lecture, “you know what happens when you ask too much of something?”

“What?” I ask.

“It overheats. Burns out.” he says calmly, “It simply stops working.”

In my badness I think hubby is no longer talking about the computer. I think he is talking about himself. He doesn’t like too much pressure at Christmas. He likes to relax. Play music. I think he thinks I’m asking him to do too much. Which I guarantee I’m not. Anyway to be honest it caused a little bit of tension. But I forgave him. It being the season of goodwill. However it did start me thinking about Christmas, and that time of year so I thought I’d include my poem, (still a work in progress) about the first Christmas and forgiveness.

 The Fallen Angel

I heard your journey took you

to a stable at Bethlehem

and I heard you came to rest outside,

as you fell from Heaven to Hell.

I heard you lingered there awhile

wrapped in the evening shade,

With tears rolling down your stricken face,

I heard you were afraid.

Then out of the stark dark night

a star lit up the sky,

and in the hush of silence

you heard a baby cry.

I heard that as you watched the scene

your wings about you furled

shepherds came and knelt before

the Saviour of our world.

But you just stood there gazing

at Mary’s infant Son, and then,

I heard you cried –

“My God, what have I done?

I’ll never see the Child who lies

within the stable bare, And though

I know He will forgive

I won’t see His forgiveness there.”

I heard that as the baby lay

within His manger bed

among the lowing cattle

He heard what you had said,

and then, I heard he whispered,

“little angel, come shelter close to me,

for see, I hold my arms out

in welcome for thee.”

I heard that as Mary watched,

she saw the Infant smile with joy

And then she saw an angel

kneel down before the boy.

Eithne Reynolds ©


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