Loving Ulysses


Loving Ulysses

My pillows were waves, when you loved me.
Waves of Lavender, of golden silk.
We’d lie together, and sleep forever
In the softness of our sea bed.
It was June.
And I said you could be my Ulysses,
And I your goddess, the lustrous Calypso
Holding you captive in my cave
Away from the world,
Beyond the waves.
Where did you go when you left?
Dear Ulysses, the odyssey ended,
I saw leaving in your eyes,
Tasted it in your kiss,
Salt tears on my lips.
In the mirrors of the future I searched,
But found no trace of you, in those
Mirrorless mirrors of tomorrow.
And now, my pillows are waves, dear Ulysses,
On which I cry. But I will sail you safely back,
To where our love will never age,
Or die.

Eithne Reynolds © June 2013


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