We brought my mother-in-law to visit the grave of her youngest brother buried in Rennes. She remembers her own mother and herself saying goodbye to him just before Christmas 1939 as he set out to fight in World War 11. It was the last time she saw or spoke to him. He was twenty one years old. He died on the 16th June 1940

It was one of those unforgettable moments when she saw the final resting place of her brother after so many years.

(In memory of Leading Aircraftman Thomas Ross)

High on a French hillside

Overlooking the city of Rennes

She came to lay a wreath of poppies

Beside your brave, young grave.

She came to say a prayer,

To say hello again.

She came to say

She had not forgotten your last goodbye

Long years ago

Or you.

© Eithne Reynolds


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