No Shattered Dreams

Once we built railroads
along the track of life

journeying past fields of dreams
through black tunnels of broken promises

where we could see no further than the light
at the end, that would show the way

to the future, to that place
where we could lay down roots

and build homes and rooms
in which to rest, and dream dreams –

dreams of railroads
and rockets, with roads to the sky,

and pathways to the moon, to beyond
the horizons of man’s imagination.

but dreams can shatter and die – yet
out of the fragments of dream-dust

other dreams take seed in the consciousness of
some man, woman or child – one




standing at the lathe of transformation
bringing life to the dream hidden within

for there really are no shattered dreams
dreams echo and re- echo through the caves of time.

Because that is the nature of dreams,
and the nature of man – to dream.

© Et Reynolds


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