The Auditions



Our choral group was holding auditions last week. They were being held in a hotel, just a stone’s throw from the city centre. It was going to be expensive but the musical director wanted a big turnout to swell the ranks. I’m a soprano and hubby is a bass. We really just needed sopranos, tenors and basses. The altos were fine. Some of us guessed that it was because the altos held secret practise session. There is no I in team, is the alto motto, unlike the simple melody singing sopranos, whose eyes are always firmly on singing solo. Anyway the tenors and basses needed to boost their numbers, to hunt in larger packs, so to speak, and capture those wild notes that often escaped their lines.

Frankly, we were disappointed with the turnout. Only a few arrived, all altos, with the exception of one soprano, who in spite of her rare beauty was tone-deaf.

The tenors and basses said  they would help her sing, but the musical director said NO.

She said she had enough Divos, Divas and Prima Donnas. Now she just wanted people who could sing.

That shut us all up.


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