The Donkey’s Tale

Legend has it that animals have the gift of speech on Christmas Eve.

This is the story the donkey had to tell.

     Donkeys in the shade

Photo Coutesy of  The Donkey Sanctuary Cork Ireland

The Donkey’s Tale

There was a star that shone so bright

In the desert night the moment He was born —

And no — He didn’t cry — not really,

Though it was piercing cold —

The snow lay deep beyond the stall.

And the sky — the sky, it filled with angel song

Singing  Gloria in the night. 

Oh! If only you had been there,

To hear, to see this sight.

The shepherds I knew them well—

From the meadows and green pastures where they dwell,

They came to kneel before Him — to adore,

Though they hardly knew the Child,

Except to say that He was Jesus,

While within the manger stall

Joseph and Mary radiant with joy

Cradled their infant boy.

In the silence that snow brings, I heard a winnowing of wings.

The angels disappeared, and the glory of their announcement

Faded back into the Heavens,

Towards dawn the shepherds left

To track their way back to the pastures,

And I was left alone, to ponder,  to wonder

At these things

But little did I know that night,

The journey I would trek,

Or why God deigned forevermore,

To place a cross upon my back.

© Eithne Reynolds


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