The Delivery

There I was standing

Looking out my sitting room window

Watching my neighbour

Put the finishing touches to

Her perfectly manicured garden

When the flowers for all occasions van

Pulled up outside my door

And Mr Flowerman got out

And came walking towards the house

With this massive bouquet, that just screamed

I love you.

Well I was absolutely delighted

He couldn’t have timed it better

Because Ms Wonder Woman from next door

Was by now, almost paralytic with envy

Hanging over my wall.

And I said to myself, still staring out the window

My husband will get

The best dinner and desert he ever got

When he comes home from work

Tonight at eight o’clock.

And so, to tell the truth

I could not contain myself any longer

And before Mr Flowerman

Even got to ring the bell

I went dashing down the drive.

“Misses” he said,

“Is this number twenty seven?

“Eh . . . NO

It’s twenty five.”


 (c) Eithne Reynolds


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