The Three Wise Women

Nativity clipart

If three wise women had journeyed to the stable

Instead of the three wise men

Imagine how different things might have been

That night in Bethlehem.

Those three wise women would have asked for directions

As they travelled on their way,

They’d never have relied on one lonely star

Five billion light years away.

And they’d have arrived on time for the birth,

That night in Bethlehem.

They’d never have turned up twelve days late

Like the three wise men.

The three wise women would have rolled up their sleeves

And cleaned up everything.

The ox and ass would have been given a bath

They’d have made the place fit for the King.

Then think of the gifts they would have brought

To keep Baby Jesus from the cold,

Bright blue blankets and matinée coats,

Not myrrh, frankincense or gold.

And the three wise women would have looked after Joseph

And sent him off for a break.

While they sat gossiping with Mary,

Over tea and some chocolate cake.

Then the three wise women would have waited around

For the three wise men – as foretold.

They’d have wanted to check out the gifts that they’d brought –

Particularly the gold.

Finally – when they’d left the stable

Clean and sparkling in Bethlehem

The three wise women would have set off for home

Arm in arm with the three wise men.

© Eithne Reynolds


9 thoughts on “The Three Wise Women

  1. I was captured by the Three Wise Women — and it was spot on!!! I am doing a reading of your work to my Garden Club this Friday for our Christmas meet — they will love it. Keep on writing — and THANKS!

  2. Eithne, this is really great…I love it! I’m now signed up for your blogs…thought I was already…but apparently not 🙂 Hope you’re having brill, creative time in Switzerland 🙂

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