Shrine of Saint Faustina – Krakow

Basilica of The Divine Mercy Krakow

While in Poland recently I took a trip to see the shrine of St Faustina in Krakow. She was born Helenka Kopwalska near Lodz in Poland and was canonised as the first saint of the new millennium by Pope John Paul 11. She became known as the apostle of The Divine Mercy and devotion to her and to The Divine Mercy devotion has spread world wide. A twenty minute tram journey from the centre of Krakow takes you to the beautiful Basilica of The Divine Mercy and the final resting place of St. Faustina.

The shrine is a place of pilgrimage drawing millions of people from all over the world annually. It radiates peace. The grounds surrounding the Basilica are a haven and a respite from the noise and clamour of the world outside. St Faustina’s chapel is simple and just yards from the magnificent Basilica with its glass observation tower which rises up over the city of Krakow. Pilgrims can take a lift to the top of the tower for a view over the whole city.

The shrine is well worth a visit. Well worth taking time out from a busy schedule to replenish the spirit and for a quiet moment of reflection.

St. Faustina died on the 5th October 1938


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