My Little Kingdom of Camelot has Vanished.

I think that we
Shall never more, at any future time,
Delight our souls . . .
Walking about the gardens and the halls
Of Camelot, as in the days that were.
Morte D’arthur

When I got my small garden pond a few years back it was the answer to my dreams. Number one on my wish list. I went down to Aquarium Centre in Ballybough where the owner, one of the most knowledgeable men I’d ever met, taught me all I needed to know about fish. I bought two shubunkins whom I instantly christened Arthur and Guinevere. I brought them home placed them in their new little kingdom of Camelot. (My pond was round like the table)

But three years later Arthur and Guinevere have gone to some happy hunting ground in the sky courtesy of a heron that landed on my wall the other day. I never knew they ventured so far inland, but I guess hunger will drive a creature to travel any distance.

My Camelot died that day. My little kingdom of peace and tranquillity that I had spent weeks creating had lost its sparkle. I thought that Arthur and Guinevere would live into old age in my garden pond. There were no predators or so I thought in my ignorance.

But there always are.

That’s what we often don’t see and that’s what I saw the other day in my garden. What I’m really trying to say is, how can we manage to keep our awareness of the little and big things that can go wrong? How could I have managed to protect my Arthur and Guinevere? By placing a net over my pond and ruining its sense of freedom. How could I have known that a heron would travel beyond its boundaries, no more than King Arthur could have anticipated the arrival of Lancelot to destroy his kingdom that was Camelot?


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