Skiing in Isola


Skiing in Isola 2000

tsd6, Isola 2000

The slogan for the 1996 Winter Olympics was Passion lives here.

I love skiing. It’s my favourite sport. In fact I am passionate about it. I never miss a winter Olympics or any skiing event on television. It’s why we got Sky Sports installed. My husband is a brilliant beginner. Three  years ago  he went to the top of the Alps on his very first day on the slopes. It was by accident. He was meant to go to the beginner’s slopes but with very little French he suffered in translation. As a result he took the wrong ski lift and ended up somewhere he should never have been, off piste.

It took him five hours to slip, slide and ski back down to where we had agreed to meet for lunch in the lovely little Da Michele restaurant. I was sitting sipping hot tea when he arrived in like a lost snowman. He melted slowly by the fire as he recited his tale of woe. I don’t ski myself, but I found his description of the vast, white, mountain enthralling. It wasn’t as barren as we had expected it to be. My husband said he was surprised at the amount of vegetation at such a height, particularly trees. In fact he was grateful for the trees. They helped break his fall from time to time. We were in Isola 2000 one of the most popular ski resorts in France. It is a favourite playground of the rich and famous who travel from Cannes and St Tropez in the South of France. We had come for a weekend. It was part of our fifty things to do before we turn fifty lists, and since I am an avid skiing fan we choose Isola 2000.

What I discovered about this venture was that you don’t need to ski in order to enjoy a break away at a ski resort. The hotels are top class and the walks around the mountain are awesome with breathtaking views. Isola is a typical alpine village, and if you walk around in a ski jacket and sunglasses everyone accepts you as part of the ski scene, so there really is no real need to break a leg or your neck to enjoy the surroundings.

(c) Eithne Reynolds


3 thoughts on “Skiing in Isola

  1. I love the line: ‘My husband is a brilliant beginner.’ Reminds me of someone fairly close by, right now!

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